Hello there! My name is Bill Ferenc and I am an illustrator and graphic designer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I like drawing, painting, skateboarding, and you!

I was asked by Meghan Murphy of Paper Darts, and now Pollen, to contribute some illustrations for their feature on the bushCONNECT event at the Guthrie. 

This piece was quite a challenge. Typically I would create concepts and thumbnails based on my own ideas, but for this project I was given the concept from the client. I did a lot of sketches with the Guthrie at the bottom and the giant looming over up into the sky… but it just wasn’t working and was almost too obvious– just because there is a giant in the image doesn’t mean he needs to be towering up over everything (right?). Raising the Guthrie up onto a table and having the events, people, and activities leading upwards made the illustration and concept come together.

I’m trying to work in a more loose, naive style lately… putting down lines and color and just accepting them for how they look and moving on. It’s tough for me though! I used a fair amount of colored pencil for some of the pieces and was having a hard time convincing myself the texture was working.

The spot illustrations are a really goofy concept (these were my idea). The main activities were all grouped into categories that started with ‘s’. So… why not make a piece where the letter is emphasized? It’s kind of silly and weird, but I think they tie into the main image nicely.

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